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About Us

We bring you fun customizable styles that adjust to your body shape and height. No more expensive alterations, feeling like you have nothing to wear and fretting whether your favorite dress will fit.

With over 20 years of experience styling and designing for women just like you, Tracy has meticulously designed each piece to complement different body shapes, offering slimming silhouettes that can be tailored to your height for a perfect fit every time.

Behind the scenes

Tracy takes you behind the scenes and shows you the less than glamorous side of her design process

More About Tracy Gold

Renowned as the queen of style, Tracy wears many hats - from personal stylist to designer and QVC superstar! With two decades of experience, Tracy's fashion brand, TGNY, blossomed in 2021.

Embracing the online shopping craze, Tracy crafted a collection that’s easy to fit, effortless to style and can be customized to fit a petite woman to perfection.

A seasoned pro in the live selling game, Tracy dazzles on QVC, YouTube Live, Whatnot, and more. You can catch her selling her fabulous collection on her own lively YouTube show. Tracy doesn't just sell clothes, she breathes life into her collection, spills styling secrets, and bonds with her audience like lifelong girlfriends.

Tracy, a globetrotter born in the USA, grew up in South Africa, and now calls Manhattan home with her hubby and two mischievous Siamese felines.

Our Values

We are all about women feeling fierce and fabulous, from the seamstress to the fashionistas! Our collection is lovingly made by a small, female-owned business in the heart of the US.

We snag top-notch fabrics from a supplier with a knack for rescuing designer surplus, giving you quality threads while saving the planet from landfill overload.

Even our fabric scraps get a second chance at life as insulation, helping to shrink those pesky landfills. You can go green, look fantastic, and feel amazing in TGNY.

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