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Cool Outfits for the Stinking Hot Days

Discover Fun, Customizable Styles That Adapt to Your Shape And Height

Say Goodbye To Expensive Alterations

Tracy has thoughtfully crafted each garment to fit and flatter various body shapes offering slimming silhouettes that can be customized to suit your height, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Clothes That Always Fit

Gain weight, lose weight, it doesn't matter. Every design can be styled in different ways to perfectly complement the body you have today.

Available in size XS-XXL

Wear Loose
Wear Belted

Choose Your Fabric, Choose Your Length

Select the styles, fabrics, and lengths that suit you best.

Always Have Something to wear

Discover the endless possibilities of these mix-and-match pieces. With multiple ways to style them, you can create a wardrobe that adapts to every occasion.

Wear it all year round

Explore the concept of inter-seasonal dressing: layer up for the chilly days and shed the layers when the heat sets in.

Girlfriend, I get you!

You want to throw something on and know that you look fabulous.  In order to do that, you need clothing that always fits, in cuts that are easy to style to suit the body you have TODAY.  The problem is, most of the clothing in your closet probably doesn’t fit well, leaving you feeling frustrated.

I believe that you deserve to have clothing that makes you feel fabulous. So, I have designed this collection that adapts to YOU! Your needs, your body, your comfort levels.

Ready for clothes you will love? Here is how to shop the TGNY Collection:

1. Choose a style you like and click on that

2. Choose the fabric or color you like

3. Determine your size.  Follow our easy, no judgement sizing guide.

4. Choose the length you feel comfortable with

5. Add to cart. At check out you can add an order note to tell me what height you are and what length you want your dress.

Need more help, no problem.  Email me to set a time to chat. I am here for you.

Get ready to look and feel fabulous!